Why do we make games?


A good game should always be fun… Right? We think so. Fun games just give the player a better experience and good memories for life!


Nobody likes a shoddy game. We always put in a lot of effort into our games to make sure you can have the best time without any annoying bugs!


We believe any game should have a strong community where players can make new friends or ask questions. 

About Us

At Monnowverse Studios, we aim to make great long lasting games that keep the player engaged.

We started out running GMOD, Minecraft and Rust communities and now, we feel that it’s time to move on; so we now make games! We’re mainly working on survival type games, with one of our developers running their own side project we hope to release soon!


The Team

We're only a small team, but we're good at what we do!


CEO / Lead

Started out running GMOD/MC communities, now onto the next step



Bunneh is a talented artist with skills ranging from drawing to 3d modelling


GFX / Streamer

Chris does some of our GFX work and plays our games on stream and gives feedback


Developer / mod

Hoodini is one of our developers. He also does some community moderation

The Games!

While we're still a small studio, the list is short...
Infinite Darkness

Infinite Darkness

Top Down Shooter

Round based survival where you aim to get the highest score before you die!

Zombies on a Bridge

Zombies on a Bridge

Work in Progress

The last stronghold is on a bridge! Last as long as you can.
Wave based FPS shooter.

The Ghost Porter

The Ghost Porter

Planning stage

Our current aim for this game is set in a modern hospital under siege by unfriendly spirits. As a porter, you are the first line of defence until the military arrives!


Updates to our games and more!